Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Much Vintage, So Little Time

Well, not really...I've got plenty of clean, press, photograph, photoshop, measure, describe and list. It's just that I don't enjoy it. Sure I enjoy playing with all the good stuff I have hanging all over the house, but it was alot easier when I had a booth at the antique mall. I sure do miss it. They closed down two summers ago. Every 3 or 4 days, I would just grab a handful of ready to go out the door stuff and drive it 2 miles down the street to my booth. Then I would dive in to playing, straightening, decorating, talking to a customer or two. The front desk took care of all the sales. I didn't have to handle money at all. Oh, well, somedays I feel productive and start ironing or measuring, but most days, I get distracted with other projects. If I could only find another antique mall nearby......

Meanwhile, take a look at a few things I found recently that don't need ironing ;-)

Eva Gabor Hair Extension

Gold and White Bead Crochet Purse

Vintage Burgundy Suede Shoes