Monday, January 21, 2008


The irony of my thrift-shopping obsession is that when I was young, my parents dressed me in thrift store clothes which I disliked. After rebelling during my teens by sewing all my own clothes, I finally came to my senses in college, spurred on by a roommate with a wonderfully quirky sense of style, and jumped headlong into thrifting for vintage. I still continue to pursue the increasingly rare perfect 40s dress and generally keep an inflow and outflow of black pants and black, grey or beige knit shirts going. Along the way, I can't resist funky home decor, vintage hankies and accessories and of course, clothing of all time periods and styles. Check back to see what's new in my collection of dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, suits, shoes, hats, accessories, and decor. And I will now follow my dream of having a category (I wanted a whole website) devoted to what I call "ugly duds", in other words, the most horrendous fashions ever worn by a human being, discovered by me in a thrift store, and now shared with the world in order to bring peace through humor. Most of my collection is housed at Southworth Antiques and Rare Books in Fredericksburg, Virgina. What I will post here will be items from the shop and other items listed in my Etsy shop: RetroThreads . Check the categories (labels) on the side if you are looking for something specific. Enjoy !

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