Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thrifting Buddies

All you thrift shopping fanatics know what it means to have a "thrifting buddy." Someone who not only supports your obsession, but actually enjoys taking part in it as well. Someone who doesn't stare at their watch and turn up their nose when you come running up with something awesome. Thrifting is usually a solo affair for me because it's so hard to find someone who doesn't frown at you when you tell them that your outfit only costs $10.00 from head to toe. At least I have my husband, who also proudly wears outfits that are at max, $30.00 (he refuses to shop for pants at the thrift store, and I don't blame him. That's one area where I usually draw the line, but sometimes get super lucky in the 50 cent bin). What I discovered, however, in shopping with my husband, that he likes record albums (he collects classical only), and now our basement is filled wall-to-wall with bookcases of albums...ruh-roh !! So I'm always trying to sniff out new buddies and just recently found a kindred soul. I'm ecstatic about sharing my favorite stores with her and vice-versa. Now to start shopping for X-mas gifts (believe it or not-they are out there !).

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