Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions !

Ivory Collar Dress

Blue Daisy Print Dress

Red Velvet Dress

Gold Embroidered Black Dress

"I, do hereby solemnly swear to list one new vintage item per day, minimum, in my Etsy shop, until everything is listed" (which may take the next three years or less if I ramp up the effort to list two or three per day :-D ) So far, I've listed five new items and today is the 6th of January (tonight's to be posted later). I kinda cheated and a couple slipped over the deadline and came in after midnight, but I'll give myself some slack since at least, I'm listing new pieces, not just renewing the old stuff repeatedly. Enjoy these new offerings and stay tuned for something new each night....just follow me on Twitter for each update !

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