Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift FAIL

I'm a sucker for classic sandals like these Bass Sunjuns. I swooped in to grab this pair at my local stare last month. They were in near mint condition and I waited for the perfect day to wear them. It was an art market where two of my percussion groups were scheduled to play. I unloaded the drums and was walking to the tent when one strap popped out...glue fail...oh, well, at least they are not falling off my feet...5 minutes later...second strap pops out...aaaacccckkk ! I have to march around the market carrying a drum in a few minutes ? What to do ? I tried to rig up a knot which rapidly slipped loose, so I put out a frantic call to some friends at the market and a kind friend offered her Chacos sandals for me to borrow...what a lifesaver !!! Moral of the story...bring along an extra pair of shoes when you are taking your untested thrifted pair of shoes on their first day out :-p

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